Cashmere Comb


Some peeling may be expected on garments made of 100% cashmere. So keep your cashmere pieces fresh with a cashmere comb.

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We believe that cashmere is a smart investment. With our care guide we aim to help you take care of your cashmere garments. Since cashmere is one of the most long lasting fibers caring for your cashmere will make it last a long time and hopefully be one of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Cashmere is made to last, so please follow our care guide for helping your long lasting cashmere garments.


Pilling is natural when using your cashmere and will happen over time, usually in areas with high frictions. Remove the pilling by hand or use our cashmere comb which gently removes surface pilling. This comb is made to remove the lose fibers so you won’t damage the garment. Never use a scissor or razor as you’ll damage the fibres and make it worse. Peel it regular to make it look new and fresh again.